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About Us - Shipping and FAQ


Golden Fire Store is founded by Finnish artist and entrepreneur Vesa Äijälä.

He has very big passion for aliens, space, spirits and everything paranormal or supernatural.

He is known in Finland for his site Paranormaali Blogi that is news site about supernatural things.

Few years ago he started channeling supernatural art. His art is very unique and is featuring aliens, spirits, parallel universes, planets and other mystical things.

Golden Fire Store's mission is to share knowledge about extraterrestrials and other dimensions with art. Also we will be selling hand made pendants and natural health care products.

Most of our products are unique and not sold anywhere else than here at Golden Fire Store.


Golden Fire Store
Uudenmaankatu 13 A 30
20500 Turku

Contact by e-mail: goldenfirespecialstore@gmail.com or use our Contact form.


Shipping times vary. To USA and EU shipping is usually 1-3 weeks, other international orders can take less or more. All orders should be to all customers in 35 days. If it takes more, please contact us so we can sort it out.

Shipping prices are usually included in the price (everything over 19.80 euros), so shipping is free. Little orders can have shipping cost of 1.50 euros. Don't worry, these are calculated at the checkout.

Shipping locations are in Finland and some orders are sent straight from the international manufacturers (printers) to make shipping as fast as possible.

Returns are done with care. If your product is broken when shipping or not what it should be please contact us. You will get a full refund.

⚜️ FAQ:

What is the quality of your products?
We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that our quality is very good. We have 100% quality guarantee and we hope that you like our products as much as we do.

Who is the designer of the products?
Most of our art products are designed by Finnish artist Vesa Äijälä (read more on the about us below). Other products are sourced from different manufacturers and artists.

How do I pay? What options you have?
You can pay using credit card or with PayPal account. If you want to pay with bank transfer, please contact us with Contact form. Want to pay with EOS or Bitcoin etc, ask more about our payment options.

Can I order custom products?
Yes you can. Contact our art specialist and founder Vesa Äijälä by e-mail: wespafin@gmail.com
Options are:
1: Your own art on prints/t-shirts/etc.
2: Vesa designs/channels art for your purpose (this can be digital or printed)

I have my own art. Can I sell it on your page? / Dropshipping?
It is possible. Send your proposal to our e-mail or use Contact page.
You can also dropship our products to your customer (ask about affiliate prices). 

I have many social followers. Can I advertise you and get free products or money?
Yes it is possible. Send a proposal with your social media link(s) and tell us more how you want to do business with us.

How fast do you ship? How much is shipping?
Check our shipping times and rates below.

Can I cancel or change my order?
Yes you can do it easily in the cart. Your order will not start processing until you have paid it. If your order is paid, cancelling and changes are possible only if your order is not started processing (printing etc.). Please contact us asap if you made an mistake so we can sort it out for you.

More questions or suggestions? Please contact us with the Contact form.